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Come, join the Democult(t)our!

Tour de Natur 2007

"A creative cycling tour for a sustainable traffic policy and living!"

Nürnberg - Würzburg - Darmstadt - Offenbach
, 29th - August, 12th 2007


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The "Tour de Natur" is a colourful spectrum with all the joys of life and it relies on the commitment of many people.
We need places to stay; we want to support local ecological initiatives against motorways and we want to promote them through our efficient public relations.
We want to enjoy nature and help to protect it; we will visit organic farmers; we support traffic planning that works towards a modern railway system for freight and people, and that covers the rural regions too.
We will discuss new models of a future labour market with the people on our route (some of them still believe, only motorways will create more jobs, even though scientific research shows that this is not true at all, but motorway projects are a waste of public money).
Of course, we will have many fun activities such as our street theatre, dancing, music, juggling and lots more.
We expect to experience again the unique solidarity and community spirit among the participants.

You are cordially invited to help us organise the Tour de Natur 2005!

NEW: The leaflet Tour-de-Natur- 2007
can be found in the Flyer archive
(for now, only in German language).

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The 'Tour de Natur' is twinned with the Belgian 'Dynamobile' tour!

Both tours are very similar. The two rides will complement each other marvellously.
In 2003, for the first time, it was possible to ride with both tours and we hope it will be possible again in 2004. There will (hopefully) be a transfer from the end of Dynamobile to Bayreuth (start of the Tour de Natur) and we would be pleased if many participants would use this cross-country and cross-language opportunity to get to know and understand your European neighbours better and to build personal friendships.
For further details on Dynamobile see their website www.dynamobile.net

Some pictures from the folk dancing workshop April 2003

and some from our camp in Bedheim and the "Pfingstrügentour"


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We invite you to a "guided tour" through the "Tour de Natur" website! Follow this sign:Zur großen Tour 2002 Infotabelle, which will guide you to the most interesting places (sometimes the arrow is nearly hidden within the coloured garland...). If you have some more time, don't forget to pay a visit to the press section (with many articles since 1998...). If you like, you can sing along our favourite tour songs and read the climate-change cartoon (hiighly recommended). We would be pleased, if you register for the tour and leave a few words in our guestbook! Thanks a lot!

And now... fill up the water bottle, strap the panniers onto your mouse, put the whistle in the soundcard, place placards around your screen and we will start...
;-)) H
ave fun and interesting meetings!

Words of thanks

Our thanks go to the following foundations for the generous support of the Tour de Natur 2004:


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